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Food packaging disinfection more assured

  • Автор:Cheshire
  • Отпустите на:2020-07-01
The covid-19 outbreak in Beijing has suddenly rebounded. At 24:00 on June 11, solstice 14, there were 79 new confirmed covid-19 cases in four days, mostly related to the wholesale market of Beijing xinfadi agricultural products.
All of a sudden, the people who have been to the market of Xinfadi "fear for their own safety", and the number of fever clinics in major hospitals surged.
Where did this outbreak come from?
Experts say the outbreak in Beijing is under control.
However, the issue of food safety is of great concern.
Public curiosity, could a food or food package contain a contaminated novel coronavirus?
Experts responded to a press conference on CoVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on Monday.
In this release, a reporter asked whether food or food packaging can novel Coronavirus be used as a carrier?
The answer given by Li Fengqin, director of microbiology laboratory department of National Food Safety Risk Assessment is as follows: Food and food packaging materials may have been contaminated by novel Coronavirus until now, but viruses have also been detected in the environment.
The German xun packaging machine in the packaging link to reduce the packaging and people's direct contact, and can be equipped with ultraviolet disinfection equipment, greatly reduce the risk of food in the packaging link infected, more reassuring, welcome to consult.

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