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High cost performance single head welder

  • Автор:Cheshire
  • Отпустите на:2020-05-26

As a result of the epidemic, there is a huge demand for masks all over the world. Now that everyone has returned to work and school, the use of masks will be further increased. In the mass production of masks by automatic mask production machines, it is inevitable that some masks are unqualified due to the lack of solderability of their ear bands. It is a pity that they could only be treated as waste before.

Foshan Dession  aiming at this problem, launched a new generation of no desktop mask ear with spot welding machine, the machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic, spot welding head and pedal three parts, do not take a position, convenient to receive, and the price is very favorable, whether not weld in ears with masks for processing or to small businesses has just entered the market to the ear of the high cost performance of choose and buy the welding machine is very good choice, welcome any inquires.

Keywords: single head welding machine no desktop welding machine mask ear band welding machine ultrasonic spot welding machine