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Tan Desai, Director-General of WHO, said that there are six criteria to be considered when lifting the outbreak restrictions:

First, the spread is under control;

Second, the health system has the ability to detect, detect, isolate and treat each case and track each contact;

Third, in medical institutions and nursing homes or nursing homes and other special environments, to minimize the risk of outbreaks;

Fourth, preventive measures have been taken in the workplace, schools, and other places that people must visit;

Fifth, input risk can be controlled;

Sixth, the community received adequate education, participated in epidemic prevention, and was able to adapt to "new norms." A

The death rate of this new crown epidemic is 10 times that of the pandemic influenza in 2009. The epidemic has developed rapidly but it will take a long time to slow down. Before the epidemic is eliminated, we should do a good job of personal hygiene and safety protection.

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