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Fully Automatic Tie On Mask Making Machine(1+1) is selling like hot cakes

  • Autor:Cheshire
  • Suelte el:2020-05-29

Along with the development of the outbreak, masks become the current shortage of resources, many enterprises have joined the army "mask manufacturing", although now the disease has been a certain degree of control, after the early stage of the input mask inventory also increased, but everyone has been return to work and production, but according to experts predict the future of the mask is still indispensable necessities we next year there is a huge business opportunities, to produce masks, no equipment how line? The following is the introduction of mask production equipment provided by the project company.

Dession Fully Automatic Tie On Mask Making Machine1+1is composed of the main equipment (1 set) + mask connector (1 set) + mask outer ear belt machine (1 set)

Equipment main body: unwinding - ultrasonic compound - nose bridge - precompression compound - folding - precompression compound - ultrasonic compound - rolling automatic medical mask machine

Connecting line: the bevel equipment that automatically transfers the finished body mask to the conveyor line of the mask ear band machine

Mask external ear band machine: feeding body - fixed size cut band - ultrasonic tape

The production speed is 50-60 masks per minute, suitable for the production of adult size masks.

Welcome to consult and buy.

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