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Tencent's suspected response was cheated

  • Autor:Cheshire
  • Suelte el:2020-07-01
On June 30, Tencent filed a lawsuit against Laoganma for delaying the payment of 10 million yuan in advertising fees for a long time, so it applied to freeze 16.24 million yuan of Laoganma's property.
Laoganma issued a statement: "We have never done any business cooperation with Tencent. Tencent was cheated."
On July 1, the final episode of Tencent's lawsuit against Laoganma came. Tencent was cheated!
According to guiyang police, three people forged laoganma company seals, posing as the company's marketing manager, and signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent in order to obtain the online game gift codes given by The company in promotional activities, and then illegally obtained economic benefits by reselling them on the Internet.
Laoganma, another main character in this incident, is one of the traditional food in Guizhou.
In recent decades, traditional craft has been used to brew, with elegant delicate, spicy prominent, long aftertaste and other characteristics.
It is a must at home and a good gift for friends and relatives.
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