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Inside and outside tea bag machine

Inside and outside tea bag machine

cheshire 2020-09-27 16:03:16

This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of materials such as seeds, medicine, health products, tea and other industries, vegetable seeds, Chinese medicine pieces, and tea bags for health tea. This machine can put the materials into the inner bag first, and then the inner bag into the outer bag, realizing the simultaneous packaging of the inner and outer bags. The inner bag is a three-sealed bag type, and filter tissue or other heat-sealable materials can be used: the outer bag is a three-side-sealed bag type. With dual-degree-of-freedom horizontal correction device and vertical intelligent photoelectric trademark positioning system, continuous trademark and positioning trademark can be switched freely. It can automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, slitting, sealing, punching, counting, and finished product output.

Performance parameters:

Model DS-T-C18

Measuring range 5-500

gramsInner bag packing size L 50-80mm×W 45-80mm

Outer bag packing size L 80-120mm×W 75-95mm

Packing speed 30-40 bags/min

Equipment shape L1750×W740×H1950

Equipment weight 500Kg

Power specification 220V, 50HZ, 1.9KW

After-sales service:

1. We are responsible for on-site installation and commissioning and personnel training;

2. Training items: A machinery use standards B repair and maintenance

3. The above equipment is guaranteed free for one year according to the mechanical use standard (we are responsible for free maintenance due to the quality of its own parts; the customer is responsible for all costs for man-made damage, and we help repair);

4. After the warranty period, we will provide lifetime paid maintenance and free technical consultation;

5. We should come to repair the machine within 24 hours after receiving the notice from Party A to repair the machine, eliminate the fault, and ensure that the machine works normally: