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About Us
Recruitment, a variety of quality positions waiting for you
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Recruitment, a variety of quality positions waiting for you

Qixi festival is coming. What can be more exciting than a good job?
We need your money. Come and have a look
Our boss with money will not meet you who is waiting for talents
In the same job, nice, a good colleague with high salary and welfare, has a great prospect for development
We give you money and affection, poetry and distance
What are you waiting for
Foreign trade salesman
Job Description:
1. Understand the company's products and update them on the platform;
2. Conducted daily visitor marketing, reported to RFQ, and developed customers through whatsapp, Facebook, linkedin, etc.;
3. Replying customers' inquiries and online consultations, making quotation plans according to their needs to facilitate contact;
4. Regular contact with customers to maintain customer relations.
1. 20-35 years old, college degree or above;
2. English level is not lower than CET4;
3. Interested in developing foreign trade business.
Operation assistant
Job Description:
1. Responsible for the management of Alibaba International Site
2. Responsible for uploading products and optimizing low-score products
3. Participated in the research of peer products, applied for store activities, and formulated relevant market strategies
4. Related report making and data analysis

Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above
2. Science major
3, strong learning ability, can take the initiative to understand the product and industry knowledge
4, accept fresh graduates, with a special guide

3D rendering designer
Job Description:
1. Responsible for 3d modeling and rendering of mechanical products for publicity;
2. Design the building appearance and mechanical drawing in the company's publicity materials;
3. Modeled non-standard products for customers according to business requirements
1. Aesthetic sense and sense of space, able to design renderings with high degree of reduction;
2. Familiar with 3dMAX, Photoshop, AutoCAD, VRay and other drawing software;
3. Tmall and alibaba 3D renderings are preferred.
4. Strong communication skills;
5, can sell fresh graduates, but must be a relevant major graduates
What chooses us?
Marketing system: rich customer resources, TOP3 of packaging machine industry in foshan city of alibaba, cross-border e-commerce demonstration base of BtoB, overseas exhibition more than 3 times a year, high brand awareness;
Salary system: It is a high-salary enterprise in the industry. The salary calculation is only by addition, so you can easily earn more than 10,000 yuan per month. In addition, the company also provides you with money to buy a car and a house, so that you can have a car and an apartment in Foshan without working for 10 years.
Reward system: rich rewards, award for breaking eggs, award for the first order, award for the largest number of customers, award for large orders, monthly award, team award...
Fingers and toes can't be counted;
Welfare system: various welfare, including food and accommodation, social insurance, staff welfare during holidays, afternoon tea, mid-year travel and monthly group building activities;
Training system: One Belt one Road professional training, personalized career development and promotion guidance, regular customized business skills promotion;
Office environment: The company has a rest room equipped with sports and game equipment, so you can take a rest and relax when you are tired.
Convenient transportation: near Qiandeng Lake subway station, many buses direct, 20 minutes direct to Guangzhou South Station