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Chopsticks packaging machine

Chopsticks packaging machine

cheshire 2020-09-27 16:06:14

This machine can frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic counting, automatic cursor tracking, chopsticks automatic feeding, sealing, cutting, automatic counting to produce high-quality packaging device, is a high-tech, high-efficiency chopsticks packaging machine, can be used as a single chopstick cover , Suitable for paper film and plastic film (PE, OPP, coated paper).

The main technical parameters:

Power: 3KW220v

Output: 200-450 bags/min

Length: 18-24CM

Machine weight: 40OKG

Dimensions: 2000*1800*160OMM

Automatic counting function: Yes

Use of equipment:

This equipment is composed of a cam rocker mechanism, so it must be turned on on a flat ground: plug in the power, turn on the power and turn off (button switch), the green indicator light is on, close the counter switch (button switch), and the counter The display shows "0000", turn the handwheel of the cut-off wheel clockwise to make a small amount of disengagement of the two knife wheels (do not open too much to prevent the synchronization gear belowGet off. )Rotate the regulator handwheel clockwise, from slow to fast (not exceeding 300 scale value) for an empty test run to check whether it is running normally.Install the packaging film, adjust the elasticity of the film frame spring to be suitable, put the film as shown in the picture, slowly adjust the pressure regulator handwheel to make the equipment run at the slowest speed, and carefully introduce the film into the blanking wheel-the cutting wheel, Rotate the cutting hand wheel counterclockwise, the cutting wheel is pressed against each other under the action of the spring, cutting the film, and slightly increasing the speed to make the film empty package normal.Put the chopsticks into the box in a uniform direction. The chopsticks under the beating wheel must be arranged neatly (the chopsticks used are dry, non-curved, and basically the same thickness). When it is turned on again, the chopsticks are continuously packaged and cut automatically.