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Sauce Packaging Machine

Sauce Packaging Machine

cheshire 2020-09-27 16:07:25

Equipment introduction:

The sauce packaging machine is a professional automatic packaging machine equipment for garlic paste, sesame paste, sweet noodle sauce and other sauces. It is equipped with a spiral feeder and an automatic ribbon coding machine. The machine has high degree of automation, stable performance, high packaging precision and beautiful finished products.

Main performance and structural characteristics:

1 The whole machine is composed of imported programmable controller, servo motor super large display touch screen constitutes the drive control core, with excellent performance and simple operation.

2 This machine can be matched with the measuring device to complete the whole packaging process of measuring, feeding, filling and bag making, date printing, and finished product conveying.

3 The perfect automatic alarm protection function reduces the loss to a very low level and helps in troubleshooting in time.

1. Adopt intelligent thermostat to ensure beautiful and smooth sealing.

5 This machine can be made into pillow-shaped bags and perforated bags according to customer needs.

technical parameter:

Voltage power: 220V 1.2KW

Bag width: 50-100mm

Bag length: 40-200 mm

Packing speed: 30-80 bags/min

Machine weight: 350Kg

Dimensions: 1100 mm x 755 mm x1540 mm