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The national technical committee on standardization of packaging machinery made all-out efforts to c

The national technical committee on standardization of packaging machinery made all-out efforts to c

Cheshire 2020-05-08 16:11:26

Masks have become the first line of personal protection since the covid-19 outbreak. China has always been the world's largest producer and exporter of masks, accounting for about 50% of the world's annual production.

In this situation, many enterprises have turned to the production of masks, but the production equipment of disposable masks in the upstream of the industrial chain has become the biggest bottleneck of mask production capacity. This is due to the lack of unified standards and specifications for mask production equipment before this, and the uneven technical level of equipment in various manufacturers, as well as the non-standard inspection and after-sales service, which is not conducive to the stable operation and production of equipment, and inevitably delays the market supply.

The national technical committee on standardization of packaging machinery began to mobilize and urge relevant enterprises in the industry to fully develop high-speed production lines and packaging machines for masks, so as to provide enterprises in urgent need of standard guidance with guidelines for reference. With the strong support of the general administration of market regulation and the national standards committee, the packaging machinery standard committee organized experts to draft the standards of "general technical conditions of disposable mask forming and packaging production line" and "general technical conditions of disinfectant filling production line". Due to the numerous types of mask production equipment emerging in a short period of time, it is difficult to unify the standard. Therefore, the standard committee actively contacted the market supervision bureau in the region where the main production base of mask equipment is located, and obtained strong support. The market supervision bureaus in various regions organized local high-tech automation equipment enterprises to discuss together, and collected and fed back the opinions of equipment parties and mask factories in various regions to the secretariat of the standards committee in a timely manner, which improved the efficiency of standard formulation.

Hefei general mechanical and electrical products testing institute machinery industrial packaging machinery products quality supervision and inspection center as the secretariat's technical support unit and equipment verification, together with the secretariat staff to overcome the inconvenience of transportation difficulties during outbreaks, to equipment production enterprise research and experiment validation, for standard collected a large number of experimental data, and provide quality testing equipment.

While China has achieved positive results in its fight against covid-19, it should not be taken lightly, and the covid-19 epidemic is spreading in many countries around the world. A large number of foreign customers have purchased epidemic prevention materials in China, and a large number of epidemic prevention and control materials produced by Chinese enterprises have gone abroad. Ensuring the quality of these materials is a common concern at home and abroad.

Internationally, packaging machinery is a new field of standardization. ISO did not set up a technical committee on packaging machinery until October 2017 and has yet to issue an international standard. As the domestic counterpart unit, the national packaging machinery standard committee has been actively concerned about international standardization dynamics, actively tracking international standards. Foshan dession packaging machinery co., LTD., together with all members of the packaging machinery industry and the whole country, has actively carried out international standardization work and made positive contributions to the fight against the epidemic.

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