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Automatic Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine(Stabilo Bag)

  • Author:Grace He
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2017-08-02
Automatic Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine(Stabilo Bag)

Packaging machine for making stabilo type bags. The machine is equipped with a multiehad weigher. from Dession Packer


It is especially suitable for powder, granules, particle, etc easy free flow materials, such as milk powder, can make box type bag / quad seal bag / stabilo bag / 4 sides seal bag / quattro bag, the max front bag width is 220mm,the maximum speed can reach 50bags/min.

Front Side

Back Side

1. This machine is a type for box bags latest developed by our company, the packaging bag is added with four gussets, making the packaging bag have stronger spatial sense and appearance more beautiful and also let your product have more attraction.
2. This packaging machine adopts Panasonic Servo motor for film pulling, and man-machine interface uses advanced touch screen to make operation simpler and more convenient.
3. Panasonic Servo motor driven horizontal sealing.
4. Film transport drive belts have vacuum assist as optional
5. Film pulling belt: Two belts
6. Siemens / Omron PLC & Touch screen

Package sample