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Automatic tea bag packing machine priceAutomatic tea bag packing machine priceAutomatic tea bag packing machine priceAutomatic tea bag packing machine priceAutomatic tea bag packing machine price

Automatic tea bag packing machine price

  • Model: DS-C18
  • Measuiring: volumetric cup filler
  • Medicon Range: 3-15ml
  • Speed ​​Packing: 40-60 bags / minute
  • Label size: L: 20-24mm W: 40-55mm
  • Size of the inner bag: L: 50-W: 40 70 mm-80 mm
  • Outer bag size: L: 70 - 120mm, W: 60-90 mm
  • Length: 155 mm of thread
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Power: 220V,50HZ,3.7KW

                       Automatic tea bag packing machine price

Sachet Bags For Tea Packaging Machine Yerba Bags

Applied for package different from granules little ones as tea, anise, chamomile, yerba luisa, horchata, muña, coffee Y the rest.

Function and Features for Tea Packer

 1 This machine is an automatic packaging equipment multi-functional tea bag
with a new heat sealing type.
  2 The internal and external bag formation is finished at the same time, avoid direct contact with the
Packaging material and improve work efficiency.

 3 Inner bag is made of filter paper with thread and label, and the outer bag is made of
composite paper

 4 The biggest advantage is: place label and outer bag of decisions can adopt the photoelectric

     5 Packing capacity, inner bag and outer size bag can be easily adjusted according to
Various requirements in order to achieve the best packaging results, improve the product
appearance and enhance the value of the product

Details of the machine
 from tea packing machine

Machine Process forTea Packer

Electric equipment

Package of materials

Paper / plastic, plastic / plastic, plastic / aluminum / plastics, paper / aluminum / plastic, tea filter paper, yarn, label paper


Upon receipt of payment, delivery date will be 15-30 working days,

By air, by sea or by express (DHL etcetera)

Automatic tea bag packing machine price

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