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Maraqueta Flow Packaging Machine SupplierMaraqueta Flow Packaging Machine SupplierMaraqueta Flow Packaging Machine SupplierMaraqueta Flow Packaging Machine SupplierMaraqueta Flow Packaging Machine SupplierMaraqueta Flow Packaging Machine SupplierMaraqueta Flow Packaging Machine SupplierMaraqueta Flow Packaging Machine Supplier

Maraqueta Flow Packaging Machine Supplier

  • Model: DS-600XX
  • Film width: Max.600mm
  • Bag width: 60-280mm
  • Bag length: 130-450mm
  • Machine texture: carbon steel / stainless steel 

            Maraqueta Flow Packaging Machine Supplier


Photos of detail

Touch screen 

Film Support

Sealing device

Function and Characteristics of Packaging Machine:

 1. It does not need any complicated adjustment, the machine applies the motion controller to follow and synchronize automatically; 
 2. The configuration of humanized and intelligent parameters allow the machine used in a short time;
 3. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, digital cutting input, sealing and positioning with additional precision;
 Four. PID temperature independent control, more suitable for different packaging materials;
 5. The packaging speed and the length of the bag can be adjusted from the screen without any change in the components;
 6 Automatic correct and external film placement makes the film installation simpler and easier;
 7 Multiple automatic alarm functions, maximum loss deduction;


* Suitable for regular packing of objects, such as cookies, cookies, chocolate, bread, cakes, bread, sweets, instant noodles, etc.

Package materials packaging machine:

* Laminated film, such as OPP / CPP, OPP / CE, MST / PE / PET / PE etc.

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  • Gather industry advantages, create quality products and serve all customers!
  • High-end integrated people; advanced technology research; promote the industry




  • To be the supplier of world-class packaging machines.



  • Thoroughly research the technologies, adhering honestly to the management, and

  • Service to entire industries!

Our service
1. With the professional after-sales service team, we can offer you a 
    technical service no matter in which country you are.
2. All the videos of the packing machine installation, adjustment, configuration, maintenance are
    available for any buyer.
3. If you have any problems using the machine and the videos can not help, our
    The technician will have a video chat with you to solve your problem.
4. Warranty: 2 years (electrical accessories) and free maintenance for life.
(Note: to save your cost, we offer several video chat services for you, but if you insist on overseas service, the cost of the trip and the cost of the technician will be paid by you).

About our price

Foshan Dession Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd mainly
manufactures pillow packaging
vertical machines and machines for automatic packaging.

The prices of the equipment vary according to the type of machines (the type is up to the size and
ownership of the customer's product) and the customer's specific requirements for the machine
(full or partial stainless steel equipment).

In addition, depending on the brand of the packaging machine of the essential component, the price will be
different between China, Japan and Germany.

Finally, the prices of standard and non-standard machines are also different. the
The standard machine is usually a fixed price, but the non-standard one is based on
specific requirements, such as the form of delivery, the form of measurement, the
demand to inflate and deflate, the style of making a bag, the way to hit also
as coding and etc.


Once the payment is received, the delivery date will be 15-30 business days,

By air, by sea or by express (DHL, etc.)

Maraqueta Flow Packaging Machine Supplier
Foshan Dession Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tel:0086 133 3643 8598

Contact Person:Alice Li

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