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Small bag of liquid honey filling machine packagingSmall bag of liquid honey filling machine packaging

Small bag of liquid honey filling machine packaging

  • Model: DS-200Y
  • Measuring: measuring Water pump
  • The range of the filling: 1-100 ml
  • The length of the bag: 30 ~ 180 mm
  • Bag width: 15 ~ 100 mm
  • Packing speed: 30 ~ 80bags \\\/min
  • Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz, 1.2 KVA
  • Roll film width & Diameter: Max: (W) 30-220 mm, (D) 300 mm
  • Film material composite material: OPP\/CPP, OPP \\ \\\/CE, MST \\\/PE \\\/PET \\\/PE
  • Machine dimension: (L) 640 * (W) 700 * (H) 1580 mm
  • Machine weight: 300 kg
Small bag of liquid honey filling machine packaging

Machine show details:

Small liquid Dession \\\/sauce \\\/Pasty filling packaging machine
widely applied for food, medicine, body chemical liquid products such as Ketchup, flavouring, sauce, Pasty, Shampoo, cream, wash liquid and so on.

Function & characteristic:

1. efficient: bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, Heating, date \\\/lot number reached at one time;

2. intelligent: packing bag of the speed and length can be set via the screen sharing unchanged;

3. job: independent temperature controller with heat balance can have different packaging materials;

4. feature: automatic stop function, with the safe operation and store the film;

5. convenient: low loss, labour, easy for operation and maintenance;

6. DS-200Y equipped with pump measurement device, easily adjust the capacity of the packaging when machine is running, limit the loss of material and improving productivity;

7. alarming function for specific export, automatic display of the speed of the packaging;

8. Optional ink roll printer for the batch number and expiration date date;

9. flat cutting, cutting, cutting link pattern can be realized by changing the tools.

Machine packaging and shipping:
For packaging
Dession will erase all components, packed to begin with the movie, then putting in the case of plywood
(Fumigation free)
For shipping
We can offer you the workload, regardless of the sea, by air or by express, also you can appropriate the agent for shipping.

After sales service:


Workshop shows:

Further information (video, photo\'s, technical parameter and other models), do not hesitate to let me know.

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