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1.5kg chocolate powder pouch packing machine

1.5kg chocolate powder pouch packing machine

Grace He Original 2017-08-14 18:10:33

1.5kg chocolate powder pouch packing machine

suitable for kinds of powder,flour,chocolate powder,any other fine powder etc.

Machine Features:


our packing machine is full automatic,Normally needs one person to feed and watch the machine working.it will save a lot of labor.the speed of our packing machine ranges from 20-40 bags per minute.it will be much efficient than manual working.


our machines adopt integration design, most of metal plates are polished and brushed,full of welding looks strong and beautiful.


our machines are painted with anti-rust oil and lubricating oil before delivery.with the good maintenance,the life time of packing machine at least 12 years.


the packing machine has multiple level protection:emergency stop button,safety door lock,alarms.all of the touching parts are made of SUS304,which meet food safety grade demand.


the whole set of our packing machine will cost 5 kilowatt hour.

Please tell me your request to the machine and bag type you want to, we will make the most perfect solution for you!
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