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Alibaba’s Jack Ma to step down as chairman in September 2019?

  • Author:Sandy Zhu from Dession
  • Source:DESSION Packer
  • Release on:2019-06-26

Alibaba’s Jack Ma to step down as chairman in September 2019?

In this June 25, 2018, photo, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group attends the ceremony to launch a blockchain-base remittance solution in Hong Kong. Jack Ma, who founded e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and helped to launch China's online retailing boom, announced Monday, Sept. 10, 2018 that he will step down as the company's chairman next September.

In a letter released by Alibaba, Ma said he will be succeeded by CEO Daniel Zhang. Ma handed over the CEO's post to Zhang in 2013 as part of what he said was a succession process developed over a decade.

Jack Ma is not retired: he has decision-making power

After Ma resigned as CEO, will it have a big impact on Alibaba Group? The answer is no. Ma only resigned as the CEO of the group and will still serve as the chairman of the board of Alibaba Group.

According to previous reports from the media, Ma has not managed specific business internally, but only managed the company. Just last week, the Ali Group was structurally adjusted to divide the company into seven business divisions from seven business groups, each of which was headed by nine senior executives.

This adjustment was only half a year after the Alibaba Group divided the company into seven business groups. Judging from Jack Ma’s resignation today, the adjustment of the company’s 25 business groups and the resignation of Ma’s CEO are the same as the new Ali system. In the current Ali architecture group, whether Jack Ma is the CEO or not has little impact on the Ali Group’s business.