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Children's mask machine

Children's mask machine

Cheshire 2020-04-20 17:13:34

The epidemic situation has been alleviated, the beginning of the school season has arrived, recently has been a number of local education bureau announced the beginning of the school time, after the beginning of the epidemic prevention work also mentioned the key.

The core of the resumption of classes is the gathering of students, which means close contact. There are two very important, one is the class of students should not be infected, or after being infected many times nucleic acid test is negative, antibody strong positive will not be infected again. Second, we need to pay attention to the distance, is it going to be this dense? Some schools are in poor condition, we should pay attention to the students apart from the appropriate distance, as long as this, I think we can resume classes. I don't think we have to wait until the number of new cases is zero to resume classes, because it's impossible at this stage, accidental cases are not surprising. In addition, after the resumption of classes, students should have a good personal habits, wash their hands, class break not party. Parents are also important to see if parents are at risk of infection, such as having close contact with a patient or having a patient at home.

Education department issued a notice to the municipal party committee propaganda department, municipal education bureau in accordance with the requirements of the central propaganda department, the ministry of education (combination), around the schools to resumption after schooling in the first place, organizes all primary and secondary school students to strengthen patriotism education and ideological and political lead, the patriotic health campaign and public health knowledge popularization, earnestly to do a good job of "resumption first class schooling" of primary and secondary schools. To carry out patriotism education in depth. Focus on teaching health and epidemic prevention knowledge. Innovate working methods. Do a good job in linking education and teaching. We will intensify drills on epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen organization and leadership.

Kuehne to help students safe school, the new research and development of more suitable for children to use the children's mask machine, epidemic late more can not be taken seriously, safety protection for children to create a good learning environment, welcome to buy

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