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Epidemic report

Epidemic report

Cheshire 2020-04-21 11:15:19

The cumulative number of people in countries and regions other than China has reached 1.124 million, plus our 82,000, which means that the cumulative global infection has exceeded 1.2 million. The United States ranks first in the world with a cumulative number of 321,000 infections. Some countries have declared a "state of emergency", global stock markets have violently fluctuated, stocks have repeatedly melted, and the epidemic has impacted the operation of the world economy. Many people predict that the epidemic will cause economic recession and profoundly affect the operation of social life.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has always paid close attention to the epidemic situation at home and abroad, attached great importance to international cooperation in anti-epidemic disease, shared its own experience in epidemic prevention many times, frequently carried out epidemic assistance activities, and personally promoted international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control from the height of building a community of human destiny. Civil society organizations also donated medical protection supplies to countries and regions in need spontaneously, as Ma Yun said: "Today we all live in the same forest that is on fire. Wait and see, panic, ignorance, inaction and chaos are all Irresponsible, we must take action! ", Everyone is actively making efforts to extinguish the forest.

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