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Dession Detergent Powder Machine PriceDession Detergent Powder Machine PriceDession Detergent Powder Machine PriceDession Detergent Powder Machine Price

Dession Detergent Powder Machine Price

  • Model: DS-320C
  • Measurement form: Screw or screw
  • Sealed Form: Sealed on 4 Sides / Sealed on 3 SidesMeasuring range: 20 ~ 200ml
  • Packing rate: 10 ~ 60bags / min
  • Bag width: 50 ~ 150mm
  • Bag length: 40 ~ 200mm
  • Film width: 100 ~ 320mm
  • Diameter of the film roll: 300mm
  • Energy: 220V, 50HZ, 1.2KVA
  • Machine size: (L) 1100 * (W) 755 * (H) 1540mm

Dession Detergent Powder Machine Price

 This type can do dosing and filling work. Due to the special design, it suits most kinds of powder and small granular materials filling, like white sugar, spice powder, milk powder, wheat powder, starch powder, talcum powder, salt, solid drink, ,dextrose, coffee powder, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, granular additivef, and so on.

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Details of the machine

Main Features

●Made of stainless steel 304 , meet GMP standard
●Servo control auger, more stable and accuracy
●PLC+ Touch screen control, English version interface
●Electric scale connect with touch screen for weight feedback, the system can adjust at the next filling when detect there have deviation on the first filling
●Save the parameter of each product to later use, to save 8 sets at most.
●Changing the auger attachment, it fits for lots of material ranging from fine-powder to granule.
●Hopper with Level sensor to control the feeding machine work automatically
●Foot Pedal control filling or by the delay time set by the touch screen ,all simple operation
●With worktable-left parts for containers place, middle for dust drop, right for the scale
●Hopper easy load and unload without tools , inner wall polished,easy cleaning

Whole set of packing machine

Measuring  System (Auger Filler )

Auger Filler (If you have different packing weight , you need change this auger.)

        Touch Screen                                                        Electircal Parts   

Machine Main Parts

Name: Auger Filler                                  Name: Screw Conveyor

It is suitable for flour ,milk powder ,bean              Mainly loading the powder material to the

powder etc suitable all kinds of powder material .      auger filler

Suitable for all kinds of matierial powder, such as flour, bean powder, coffee powder, milk powder, cornstarch, medical health powder, soy milk powder etc


Upon receipt of payment, the delivery date will be in 15-30 working days,

By air, by sea or by express (DHL etc.)


Dession Detergent Powder Machine Price
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