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Packed Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder GranulePacked Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder GranulePacked Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder GranulePacked Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder GranulePacked Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder GranulePacked Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder Granule

Packed Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder Granule

  • Model: DS-420GP
  • Bag type: pillow bag, folded bag, bottom block bag, 3 sides sealing, 4 sides sealing
  • Speed: 5-60bags / min
  • Bag length: 80 to 300 mm
  • Bag width: 60 to 200 mm
  • Packing weight: 500 g to 1500 or 150 to 1500
Packed Machine With 4 Linear Coffee Weigher Powder Granule


Indicated for granulated products, powders and fines such as sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, coffee beans, seasoning,

powder coffee etc ...


Main Machine

Brand  Dession Packaging Machinery
Model  DS-420L
Film Width  Max.420mm
Bag length  80-300mm
Bag width  60-200mm
Fill Range  150-1500ml

Model  DS-4
Weighing Range  20-2000g
Accuracy of Weighing  0.2-5-05g
Power  AC220V / 110V 50Hz (60Hz)
Weighing Speed  10-30 WPM
Hopper volume  8000 ML
Panel  screen Touch 7 Inches
Max.De products in Hopper  4

  A Machine Set

Put Material In The Z Charger

  Stock Formation

  Bag Making Machine

Function and Feature

 1 Display from screen digital with he adjustment numeric Y the operation flexible
 2 System servo what does the high speed of the packaging with he functioning stable
 3 He control of the PLC, operation stable, can be increased
 4 high sensitivity photoelectric from tracing from color from eyes, entrance numerical from the position from cut from sealed for the precision additional
 5 HE packaging automatic plus simple can reach speed 
 6 Packaging multi-purpose, convenient for he various packaging to the same kind from product
 7 He device of the sealing wax what exchange It allows a sealing wax plus firm Y any lost from film


Company information

      1. Dession packaging machinery Co., Ltd is a comprehensive modern packager-making company
        integration of research, manufacturing and sale.
            2. Our company has passed the CE certification of the EU.
                  3. In addition, our equipment is extensively evaluated by many customers from various countries such like England, German, France, Russia, America, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Israel and so on.
                        4. All technologies and equipment are based on practicality and applicability, striving to improve
                          production efficiency and the creation of value to the maximum for the customers.

                            Our p

                            Our service

                              1. with professional after-sales service team, we can provide you a satisfied andtechnique
                              service does not matter in which country they are located.
                                   2. Any video of the packing machine installation, adjustment, adjustment, maintenance is available for any buyer.
                                      3. If you have any problems when using the machine and the videos can not help, our technician will
                                      Have video chatting with you to solve your problem.
                                          4. Warranty: 2 years (electrical accessories) and maintenance of free time of life.
                                            (Notice: to save your cost, we offer various video chat service for you, but if you insist on
                                            Overseas service, travel expense and technician cost paid by you.)

                                            About our price
                                            Packaging Machinery of Foshan Dession Co., Ltd mainly manufactures pad packaging machines and
                                            automatic vertical packaging machines.

                                            The prices of the equipment vary from the type of machines (the type is up to the size and the characteristic of
                                            customer's product.) and the customer's specific requirements for the machine (complete or partial
                                            stainless steel equipment).

                                            In addition, according to the brand of packing machine of the essential component, the price will be different
                                            China of Amond, Japan and German.

                                            Finally, the prices of standard and non-standard machines are also different. The standard machine
                                            It is usually a fixed price, but the non-standard one is based on specific requirements such as
                                            way of delivery, the way of measurement, the demand to inflate and deflate, the style of making
                                            a bag, the way to punch as well as coding and etc.

                                            Upon receipt of payment, the delivery date will be in 15-30 working days,
                                            By air, by sea or by express (DHL etc)

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