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Tea bag packaging machine ChinaTea bag packaging machine ChinaTea bag packaging machine ChinaTea bag packaging machine ChinaTea bag packaging machine ChinaTea bag packaging machine ChinaTea bag packaging machine China

Tea bag packaging machine China

  • Model: DS-C12
  • Measuiring: Cup of volumetric
  • Medicon Range: 3-15ml
  • Speed ​​Packing: 50-70 bags / minute
  • Label size: L: 18-23mm W: 28mm
  • Internal bag size: L: 50-75mm W: 50mm-75mm

                                                                         China Tea Bag Packaging Machine


Tea bag packer:

It is suitable for double bag packing small granular products, such as tea leaves, green tea, red tea,

medicinal tea and health.


Package of materials:

Paper / plastic, plastic / plastic, plastic / aluminum / plastics, paper / aluminum / plastic, tea filter paper, yarn, label paper

Details of the machine:

Teabag filter bag tube:

Making indoor tea bags:

High sensitivity touch screen:

Function and Characteristics for Tea Packer Machine:

 1 This machine is an automatic packaging equipment multi-functional tea bag
with a new heat sealing type.
  2 The internal and external bag formation is finished at the same time, avoid direct contact with the
Packaging material and improve work efficiency.

 3 Inner bag is made of filter paper with thread and label, and the outer bag is made of
composite paper

 4 The biggest advantage is: place label and outer bag of decisions can adopt the photoelectric

     5 Packing capacity, inner bag and outer size bag can be easily adjusted according to
Various requirements in order to achieve the best packaging results, improve the product
appearance and enhance the value of the product

Machine Process Tea Packer

Electric equipment 

Our customer




Dession Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is a global modern packer manufacturing company integrating research, manufacturing and sales. Our company has passed the CE

EU certification. In addition, our equipment is widely valued by many customers

from different countries like England, German, France, Russia, United States, Singapore,

Malaysia, South Africa, Israel and so on. All technologies and equipment are based on

practicality and applicability, trying to improve the efficiency of production and create surplus

maximum value for customers.



Our Clients:

Our service

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Foshan Dession Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd mainly manufactures pillow packing
vertical automatic packaging machines and machines.

The prices of equipment vary with the type of machines (type depends on the size and 
customer product feature.) and customer specific requirements for the machine
(complete or partial stainless steel equipment).

In addition, brand of packaging machine of essential components, price will be
different between China, Japan and German.

Finally, the prices of standard and non-standard machines are also different. He
The standard machine is usually a fixed price, but the non-standard one is based on
specific requirements such as the form of delivery, form of measurement, the
demand to inflate and deflate, the style of making a purse, the shape of the piercing, as well
as coding and etcetera. 

Customer Comments:


Upon receipt of payment, delivery date will be 15-30 working days,

By air, by sea or by express (DHL etcetera)

China Tea Bag Packaging Machine
Foshan Dession Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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