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Sweetener aspartame powder packing machineSweetener aspartame powder packing machineSweetener aspartame powder packing machineSweetener aspartame powder packing machineSweetener aspartame powder packing machineSweetener aspartame powder packing machine

Sweetener aspartame powder packing machine

  • Model: DS-420DZ
  • Measuring: Auger Measuring
  • Filling Range: 150-1500 ml
  • Bag Length: 80-300 mm
  • Bag Width: 60-200 mm
  • Packaging Speed: 5-60bags/min
  • Roll Film Width & Diameter:Max: (W)420mm,(D)300mm
  • Film Material Composite Material: OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,MST/PE/PET/PE
  • Power: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 2.2 KVA
  • Machine Size: (L)4323*(W)2998*(H)3700mm
Sweetener aspartame powder packing machine 

Function and Characteristics

 1.  Food grade all stainless steel struction is compact and stable performance. 
 2.  PLC touch screen, servo motor control,easy and accurate to set the bag length. 
 3.  Auger filler device can adjust packaging capacity during the running, improve productivity.
 4.  The machine completes the whole procedure of filling,bagging,date printing,charging(exhausting) automatic. 
 5.  Optional device:Linked-bags device,date printer device,punching hole device,gas filling device.etc

Machine Details



Dession automatic powder packaging machine

                           Same 304# stainless steel material, Our Dession,

                              offer you 360° different surface treatment


Dession screw measuring automatic matching system packing machine
, It suitable to use in packing all kinds of powder material, such as: Flour, Milk, Hean powder, Seasoning, mask powder, fruit powder, medicines powder, Health food and so on.

Package Materials

Packaging material can be PE/polyethylene,PE/aluminum plating, pet/PE, pp, and other heat sealing packaging materials, etc.  (Film thickness: 4C - 15C)

Packaging & Shipping

   To ensure safety of packaging machinery,we customize wooden boxes according to the size of the packaging machinery . 

   Upon receipt of payment , delivery date will be in 20-30 working days,
   By Air, by Sea or by Express (DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS etc)
   Shipment cost will depend on destination, shipment way and weight of the goods.

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During the last 10 years, Dession has more than 30 partners all over the world.
Our packing machines have been shipped to various countries and areas, such
as America, Brazil, Russia, British, Germany, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam
and so on.

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Sweetener aspartame powder packing machine

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